Free jet sandblast equipment

Heavy-duty free jet sandblast equipment

The equipment with pressure vessels is suited for high performance if adequate quantity of air is available (1000-5000 litres / min), depending on the size of the blast material’s nozzle. Our devices are assembled two ways, the PSZM models are hand operated, the sanding process is started and stopped by opening and closing the air cock on the side of the tank. The PSZC models are remote controlled, during the sanding process the quick shut-off is operated by a remote switch at the end of the blast material’s hose which fills the tank with a high volume of air suddenly and the sanding starts; if the remote switch is released, the air supply is stopped, while the air is discharged and the sanding is stopped.

Performance: 10-30 m2/h.

Some examples for air need (for information only):

Ø 4,5 mm 1000-1500 l/min
Ø 6,5 mm 2000-2500 l/min
Ø 8,0 mm 3000-3500 l/min
Ø 9,5 mm 4500-5000 l/min
Ø 11 mm 6500-7000 l/min


Controlled from the tank:

  • PSZM-10
  • PSZM-20
  • PSZM-2
  • PSZM-6
  • PSZM-11

With remote control:

  • PSZM-10
  • PSZM-20
  • PSZC-6
  • PSZC-11

Models with injector:

Models with injector

The free-jet injection blasters are suitable for the treatment of smaller surfaces. Their advantage is mobility and the relatively low air demand: 6-800 l / min. Main units: approx. 24 litre open-top tank, nozzle, 5 m blast material’s hose, spray gun with Boron-carbide nozzle. Performance: 0.5-2 m2 / h.

  • PSZN-2
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