Sandblast cabins

The sandblast cabins are suitable for the surface treatment of smaller parts and materials. There are models for intermittent operation (2-3 hours per day) and industrial use (continuous operation). The models suitable for industrial use are manufactured in injection and compressed designs. Both types can be fitted with blast material recycling unit, which divides the sprayed material into different fractions and returns the cleaned material into the blasting process. The injection equipment’s performance is 0.5-4 m2 / h, air demand: 800-900 litres / min, the compressed equipment’s performance is 5-15 m2 / h, air demand: 2000-3500 litres / min.

Brief technical description:

The object to be cleaned or treated and the blast material is placed into the work area through the door on the side of the abrasive blast cabin; the blast material falls into the collecting cone at the bottom of the equipment. At cabins suitable for industrial use, the work area is lined with rubber sheet in order to achieve higher abrasion resistance as well as to cushion the abrasive grains bouncing from the side walls.

Before starting the procedure, the exhaust fan is switched on. Start the work process: reach into the holes on the front side of the cabin and grab the blast gun and the material to be treated with the rubber gloves. The procedure can be followed through the peep-hole placed above the handling hole. The work area is lit by a light placed at the top of the cabin.

As a result of the vacuum in the blast gun, the blast material gets to the gun through the blasting hose where it meets the high pressure air that blasts it onto the surface to be cleaned in a strong jet. Since the blast material is returned to the blasting procedure, the exhaust ventilator separates the blast material from the contamination falling from the surface to be cleaned or treated, the dust falls into a collector which must be emptied at regular intervals.

As an option, the cabin can be ordered with a revolving worktop, with a worktop that can be pushed onto a stand outside the cabin, an automatically revolving worktop and an automatically moved blast gun.

The sandblast cabins can be joined to a compressed tank used for the free-jet equipment in order to work more efficiently with a better output. The cabins are designed to enable the change or extension of their technical content in a module system; the price list indicates it with separate numbers per model number.

For intermittent operation

  • PSZK-2
  • PSZK-2/1
  • PSZK-3
  • PSZK-3/1

For industrial use:

  • PSZK-S
  • PSZK-S/1
  • PSZK-S/1 V
  • PSZK-S/2 V
  • SZK-S/3 V
  • PSZK-S/4 V
  • PSZK-S/5 V
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